• Presence of water falls and rapids like Karuma on R. Nile
  • Presence of wter weed/hythnith like on L. Kyoga and Victoria

  • Existence of swamp vegetation on the fringes of lakes and rivers like Mpologoma, L. Kyoga, etc.
  • Shallowness of some rivers like Katonga and Kagera
  • Steep gradient/escarpment like on L. Albert.
  • Narrowness of some rivers like Kafu and Sezibwa
  • Reduction in water levels during drought seasons like on L. George.
  • Strong winds/storms on lakes like Victoria
  • Strong currents/tidal range which cause accidents like on L. Albert.
  • Presence of dangerous wild animals like crocodiles at Kazinga channel.
  • Presence of rock out crop in lakes like L. Victoria
  • Floods due to heavy rains destroying ports like Bukakata on L. Victoria.

  • Suds/floating islands on l. Wamala and Kyoga.
  • Poorly developed transport network linking to ports like Nyendo-Bukakata road.
  • Remoteness of some water bodies like Edward
  • Limited capital to purchase modern vessels like on R. Nile
  • Inadequate skilled labour to handle the sector on L. Victoria ports like Port Bell
  • Limited government support
  • Low levels of technology in ship building and maintenance.
  • Competition for cargo and passengers from other forms of transport.

  • Poorly developed port handling facilities.
  • Political instabilities and piratess