Similarities in the tourism sector between Kenya and Switzerland

  • Both have many hotels and lodges in major urban centres and cities within the tourists’ attractions for accommodation of tourists.

  • Both have snow capped mountain peaks with permanent glaciers that are popular with tourists.
  • Both experience political stability and relative peace that promote tourism.
  • Both have many waterfalls (Switzerland – associated with hanging valleys, In Kenya along the major river courses) that attract tourists.
  • Package tours are encouraged and organised in both the countries to make travel and accommodation fairly cheaper for the tourists.
  • Both have national parks with a variety of plants and animals in their natural settings.
  • Both countries embrace domestic, international and ecotourism.
  • Both countries have health spas with mineral water which people consider to cure certain ailments. In Switzerland they are at Mt. Moritz and in Kenya at L. Bogoria
  • In both countries tourists visit all year round.
  • In both counties tourism sector earns a significant fraction of foreign exchange

Comparison between tourism in Kenya and Switzerland