12 Advantages of packaging

  • Goods which are well packed are easy to handle especially the liquids.
  • Well packed goods can easily be sold through automatic vending.

  • Some packaging materials can be put to other uses after removing the contents e.g. jerry cans, boxes e.t.c.
  • Packed goods are always kept clean hence free from contamination and damage.
  • Packed goods can easily be sent by mail order services hence reducing travel expenses.
  • The illustrations indicated on the packaging material helps the customers to be informed on how to use and handle a product.
  • Self service is made easy when goods are packed.
  • Well packed goods offer convenience in storage hence less space is used.
  • It saves time since the customers need not to weigh the containers as the quantity is always shown on the package.

  • Well packed goods create a better product image hence attracting the customers to buy the goods.


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