importance of volcanic mountains

gray and brown mountain

mountain refers to a cone-shaped landform that is many meters above the sea level formed by faulting,folding and vulcanicity giving rise to blockmountains, Fold Mountains and volcanic mountains. Volcanic mountains- these are formed when moltenmagma from the earth’s interior is exposed to thethe surface of the earth through a vent exploding into theair thus cooling …

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Factors which influence the Humidity of a place

woman in the tea farm

humidity It is the amount of water vapour held in a given volume of air at a given time. Atmospheric water vapour is as a result of evaporation and transpiration. Humidity varies from place to place usually ranging between 48% to 80%. Water vapour is significant in the atmosphere because: It influences the formation of …

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Factors Determining the Type of Coasts

silhouette dusk falling rapidly

the coast is the zone of contact between the land and the sea or ocean. the shore is the land along the edge of the sea or ocean. coastline is the kine where the highest wave reaches the land shoreline is the line where the shore and the water meets the following are Factors Determining …

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is geography hard?

paper boat near globe in room

Geography is study of man in relation to his environment. Geography is studied all over the world and it comprise of physical geography, human geography and practical geography Geography is a hard subject given that you will have to understand a lot of concepts related to all branches of geography and those from other subjects. …

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Negative importance of coral reefs

Negative importance of coral reefs

A coral reef is a limestone rock which is made up of skeletons of small living organisms called polyps. The formation of coral reefs is highly attributed to the presence of calcium carbonate in the skeletons of polyps. When the polyps die, their skeletons which contain calcium carbonate are compacted together to form a coral …

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The following are characteristic of intertropical convergences zone Zone of a low atmosphere pressure Lies 23 ½ 0 w and 231/2 0 S Southeast and North East  trade winds converge at it Migrates northern and south with the apparent movement of the sun It is associated with convectional rainfall Characterized by high temperatures

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