The results of the 1908 National Convention in South Africa

  • The Boers and the British met in a friendly atmosphere for the first time.
  • English and Afrikaans were to be equal in South Africa as official languages.

  • The union government of the Boers and the British was agreed upon.
  • It was made clear that the union government was to be under the British government but the Boers were given subordinate (lower) positions.
  • The constitution for the union government was made.
  • The constitution was bidding to both the British and the Boers. They all had to respect it.
  • The voting rights were only given to Europeans. Africans and Asians were left out of the voting.
  • One union parliament was established to discuss the political issues of South Africa. However, the non – whites were excluded from this parliament.

  • The parliament had two chambers that is the house of assembly and the senate.
  • The union government headed by the Governor General appointed by the Queen of England.
  • Ten ministers assisted the governor.
  • The executive capital of the Union was located in Pretoria; capital Transvaal.
  • The Supreme Court for the union was established with headquarters at Bloemfontein in Orange Free State.
  • The Orange River Colony was changed to Orange Free State.
  • It laid a foundation for the apartheid policy in South Africa. It started the policy of separating Africans from whites.


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