12 Failures of the League of Nations

The League of Nations failed its Prime objective of maintaining world peace in the following ways;

a)  It failed to solve the Sino-Japanese dispute after Japan invaded Manchuria in
      China in 1931. Japan after refusing to abide by the League’s demands that it
      withdraws from the Chinese territory, even pulled out of the league in 1933.

b)  The Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935. Benito Mussolini, rather than accept the
      League’s verdict that he withdraws Italian troops from Ethiopia, pulled out of the

c)  The League failed to stop German Violation of the terms of the Versailles Treaty.
      She embarked on a remilitarization programme and established a navy and an

d)  Nations continued to make many defensive pacts in total disregard of the Treaty
      of Versailles.

e)  Germany invaded other regions such as Poland and Austria between 1936 and
      1939, while Russia invaded Finland in 1939 in violation of the League of Nations.


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