Mpande was the brother of Dingane and came to power in 1840 with the help of the Boers. Mpande was therefore a puppet of the Boers.

Mpande promoted peace in Zulu land and the population increased

Mpande reduced on wars and improved the relationship between the Zulu and the Boers.

He gave the Boers the Blood river territory for helping him to overthrow Dingane.

The long period of peace, however, had a negative impact, especially with the regiments who were rendered jobless with the absence of wars.

Later, the two sons of Mpande; Cetewayo and Mbulazi got involved in succession disputes before the death of their father.

In 1856 the two brothers fought near the Tugela River at the battle of Magorongo Cetewayo defeated his elder brother Mbulazi and the former became assured of the kingship of the Zulu state.

Mbulazi and many of his supporters were killed.

When Mpande died in 1872, Ceteyawo become the king to the Zulu throne.

Therefore Mpande ruled the Zulu state for a period of 32 year