Factors for location and development of Rotterdam port

Factors for location growth and development of rotterdam port

A port is an area at the coast handling imports, exports, passengers connecting the interior of the coast and other countries. Rotterdam’s port is found in the Netherlands. Holland at the North Sea and mouth of R. Rhine. It is called Euro port because it’s used in the month it is used by European countries …

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Causes of desertification

Top 10 causes of desertification

Desertification refers to the development of desert-like conditions in an area and more so in a region adjacent to a desert. It may be expressed as the advancement or extension of the desert. Desertification has been commonly experienced in the Sahel region of Africa. In East Africa desert-like conditions have been experienced or developed in …

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Form one geography syllabus

Form one Geography syllabus

1. CONCEPT OF GEOGRAPHY The Solar System The Sun The Planets Other bodies in the Solar System The Earth Earth movements     I. Rotation evidence. ii. Revolution seasons  and length of day and night Location of positions on the Earth’s surface Calculate time differences International Date Line 2. THE STRUCTURE OF THE EARTH 3. MAJOR FEATURES …

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