How the central Government was organized in Colonial Kenya

  • At the head of the Colonial administration was the Colonial Secretary based in London.
  • At first the Headquarters was in Zanzibar. By 1900 it was transferred to Mombasa.
  • The Governor was the head of the Colony.
  • He was advised by an Advisory Council set up later.
  • An executive council also emerged to ensure implementation of colonial policies
  • A legislative council was set up in 1907 to make colonial laws with the governors assent.
How the central Government was organized in Colonial Kenya

  • For easy centralization of authority, the colony was divided into administrative provinces headed by Provincial Commissioners
  • Provinces were further divided into districts under District Commissioners and Officers, Manned by White Officers.
  • Below them were the Chief heading locations under the Chiefs, Authority Act – They were Africans.
  • Under them were the village headmen.

N/B The Chiefs main duties were to collect taxes, recruit African labour and maintain law and order at grassroots.

  There was a very strict chain of command.


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