I borrowed $20,000 from a creditor to start a business. I deposited this amount in the bank as capital. What journal entries should I record?

When you borrow $20,000 from a creditor to start a business and then deposit this amount in the bank as capital, you need to record two journal entries—one for the loan transaction and another for the capital contribution. Here’s how you can record the journal entries:

  1. For the Loan Transaction:

Assuming you borrowed $20,000 in cash from the creditor:

Debit: Cash $20,000 (to record the cash received from the loan) Credit: Loan Payable $20,000 (to record the liability for the borrowed amount)

Journal Entry: Debit: Cash $20,000 Credit: Loan Payable $20,000

  1. For the Capital Contribution:

Assuming you deposited the entire $20,000 in the business bank account as capital:

Debit: Bank (or Cash) $20,000 (to record the cash deposited in the bank as capital) Credit: Owner’s Capital (or Owner’s Equity) $20,000 (to record the capital contribution)

Journal Entry: Debit: Bank (or Cash) $20,000 Credit: Owner’s Capital $20,000

After recording these journal entries, your balance sheet will show the following:

  • On the Assets side:
    • Cash: $20,000 (reflecting the cash received from the loan and the cash deposited in the bank as capital)
  • On the Liabilities side:
    • Loan Payable: $20,000 (representing the outstanding loan amount to the creditor)
  • On the Equity side:
    • Owner’s Capital: $20,000 (representing your capital contribution to the business)

It’s essential to maintain accurate and clear documentation of all financial transactions in your business. If you are unsure about recording journal entries or setting up your accounting system, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional accountant or financial advisor to ensure that everything is properly accounted for and compliant with accounting principles and regulations.


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