10 vertical farming companies in california

Here are ten vertical farming companies in California:

  1. Plenty: Based in San Francisco, Plenty is known for its high-tech vertical farms that use robotics and artificial intelligence to grow fresh produce sustainably.
  2. Bowery Farming: While Bowery Farming’s headquarters are in New York, they also have operations in California. They focus on using indoor vertical farms to grow leafy greens and herbs.
  3. AeroFarms: Although AeroFarms is headquartered in New Jersey, it has a strong presence in the vertical farming industry and may have operations or partnerships in California.
  4. Freight Farms: Freight Farms specializes in containerized vertical farming, converting shipping containers into efficient indoor farms for urban agriculture.
  5. Eden Green Technology: Based in San Marcos, California, Eden Green Technology uses vertical farming systems to grow a variety of fresh produce.
  6. Urban Remedy: Urban Remedy operates vertical farms in California, providing organic, fresh, and nutritious food to its customers.
  7. Babylon Micro-Farms: Based in Berkeley, California, Babylon Micro-Farms creates smart indoor farming systems that are accessible to consumers and businesses.
  8. Copia: Copia is a vertical farming company in San Francisco, focusing on sustainable agriculture and reducing food waste.
  9. FarmedHere: Although FarmHere is based in Illinois, they have vertical farming operations in California, growing organic produce with hydroponic systems.
  10. Gotham Greens: While Gotham Greens is based in New York, they have a greenhouse in Richmond, California, growing a variety of leafy greens and herbs using hydroponics.

Please be aware that the vertical farming industry is dynamic, and new companies may have emerged since my last update. Additionally, some companies may have expanded or shifted their operations to or from California. For the most up-to-date information, it’s best to visit the websites and conduct further research on these companies.


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