What are the main differences between farming and agriculture?

Farming and agriculture are related concepts, but they refer to different aspects of the production of food and other agricultural products.

Here are the main differences between farming and agriculture:


Agriculture is a broader term that encompasses all activities related to the cultivation of crops, raising livestock, forestry, horticulture, aquaculture, and other practices involved in the production of food, fiber, and raw materials.

Farming, on the other hand, is a subset of agriculture and specifically refers to the practice of cultivating crops and raising livestock on a piece of land, typically referred to as a farm.


Agriculture involves the science, art, and business of cultivating the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock to provide food, raw materials, and economic benefits.

Farming is the specific act of working and managing a piece of land to grow crops and raise animals for food and other agricultural products.


Agriculture can be practiced on a large scale, involving extensive operations, such as industrialized farming, agribusinesses, and large plantations.

Farming can vary in scale, ranging from small family farms to medium-sized enterprises, depending on the size of the land and the resources available.


Agriculture focuses on the entire agricultural system, including crop production, livestock husbandry, soil management, pest control, and marketing of agricultural products.

Farming primarily focuses on the day-to-day activities of cultivating crops and raising animals on a specific piece of land.


Agriculture is a broader concept and can encompass various aspects such as agricultural research, policy-making, and the study of agricultural economics.

Farming is a more practical and hands-on activity, involving the physical work and management of the farm.

In summary, agriculture is a comprehensive term that covers all aspects of food and agricultural production, while farming is a specific subset of agriculture that pertains to the cultivation of crops and raising livestock on a particular piece of land, known as a farm. Farming is a fundamental component of agriculture and contributes significantly to the overall food and agricultural production worldwide.


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