This is a situation or the ability of a parent to take care of their children in a morally upright way.

A responsible parent makes proper planning for the family. This means that he/she should produce children that are manageable in terms of care.

Responsible parenthood today means parents who show love to their children equally. This can be indicated through taking them to similar schools and even buying clothes equally to all.

It also involves a parent imparting Christian values to the children.  This can be done through going with them to church for prayers and teaching them how to read and interpret biblical scriptures plus sending them to Sunday or catechism classes.

Parents today behave responsible through providing adequate education to their children such that in future they grow up resourceful persons in the society.

Responsible parenthood today also mean extending proper morals and discipline in children whenever they go wrong and also reward the well behaved ones. That is to say, a parent may decide to buy a pair of shoes for the daughter and ignores the other because she misbehaved.

Parents today have acted responsible to the extent that they look for jobs for their children after they have acquired higher levels of education like a degree.

Responsible parents always fight hard to discourage their children from taking drugs like kuber, cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine and many others.

Responsible parenthood involves extending to the children knowledge of social and cultural obligations they have to observe in life. For example, the Sebei teach their children that circumcision is part of their life.

Responsible parents today try to be good examples to their children so as to command high respect from them.  For instance a smocking father should avoid doing so in the presence of the children likewise mothers who are good at abusing or using vulgar language while at their working places like Owino [St. Balikuddembe] market are expected to control their tongue while at home in the presence of children.

Responsible parenthood today has involved some parents working hard and saved money and then invested as a plan for survival in future for their old age and for the children at large.

Responsible parents today are those who are trying to provide security to their girl child especially. This is partly done through fencing the home and also limiting the time they come back home in the evening.

Responsible parenthood has involved the parents giving due respect and human freedom to their children such that they enjoy leisure provided they follow the parent’s guidelines.

Sex education has been extended to the adolescents such that they grow up knowing their roles as boys and girls undergoing menstration cycle.

Responsible parenthood today has involved the parents writing a “will” such that when they die the children do not fight over the property left but each knows what to share.

Responsible parents today have gone ahead to cross check the kind of films their children watch at home and also try to warn the children about the friends they make.ü  Responsible parents have taken an initiative of providing proper medical treatment to the children right from childhood for example, by taking them for vaccination

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