Organization of Gezira scheme in Sudan

Organization of Gezira scheme in Sudan

The scheme is organised by the Gezira board which is concerned with the overall running and administration. The scheme is divided into rectangular blocks of cultivable land. Each tenant farmer possesses between 10-20 ha which are sub-divided into four sections.

Of the four sections under a tenant, two are under fallow, one is used for cotton growing and the other for growing of food crops such as beans, maize and the like for home consumption.

The Gezira board provides all the required farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, machinery, technical advice and land. In turn, the tenant is supposed to pay for all these after harvesting his cotton crop. The produced cotton is marketed by the Gezira board and the obtained cash is shared in the following ratios

50% to the tenant farmers
36% to the Sudan government
10% to the Gezira board
4% to social services and village councils


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