There are a number of reasons/ circumstances that often lead the church and the state into conflicts and these are analysed below;

Misunderstandings between the states and the church sometimes arise from the state putting up laws which the church considers immoral and socially unacceptable.  For instance the church is against the state legalizing divorce in courts of law yet the bible teaches that what God goes has joined no man shall separate. (Mark 10:1-12)

Sometimes religious leaders conflict with the state because they get involved in acts of crime incompatible with their status.  For instance Joseph Kibwetere of the restoration of the ten commandments of God based in Kanungu district in the year 2000 massacred over a thousand of his followers convincing them that they would go direct to heaven in the new coming 2000.  This attracted state intervention and resulted into great conflicts between the state and the church.

Meddling too much in the affairs of the church done by some politicians who want to judge the limits of religious leaders.  For instance currently in Uganda in the year 2017 December 20th, there was a constitutional amendment bill passed erasing presidential age limit which touched the minds of many Ugandans religious leaders inclusive.  But when such religious leaders like Arch bishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga of Lubaga cathedral and Orthodox leaders plus the protestant leader (C.O.U) tried to criticize the decisions made by the NRMO parliamentary members, the president attacked them.  Thus causing grudges between the church and the state.

Disagreements between the church and state sometimes occurs when politicians make religious insensitive or provocative statements that undermine the credibility of the religious leaders.  For instance a politician named Otafiire was quoted publically uttering statements of undermining Jesus’ God’s nature and power. One time a parliamentarian from NRMO secretariat moved a motion in parliament to remove “God” from the national anthem, courts of arms and all statutory instruments and legal documents.

At times conflicts emanate from the failure by political leaders to honour nationally of internationally the gazette religious holy days.  For example the once president of Cuba stopped Christians from attending Sunday services and even forbade celebrations of Christmas from 1967-99.

The conflicts sometimes originate from the decisions taken by the state to ban the production and circulation/ distribution religion.  For instance the Arab states like Afghanistan forbid importation of bibles and other related materials.

The emanation of conflicts between the church and the state come from the church leaders who get actively involved into politics and start campaigning for some candidates within the church.

Conflicts may arise when the church feels the state is oblivious (unmindful) to wide spread circulation of pornographic materials with no government action taken.  For instance the late Arch Bishop Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo of the C.O.U had earlier in May 2003 led a demonstration in Kampala against the news paper nude publications.

The misunderstandings between the church and the state at times occurs due to widespread corruption and abuse of office by politicians. Many government civil servants have been nabbed swiddling the common man’s money meant to benefit the masses. For instance Gilbert Bukenya (former vice president was jailed for misuse of CHOGHM money of 2007, David Chandi Jamwa was arrested for misappropriation of NSSF, former minister of health Jim Muhwezi was also tried in courts of law for mishandling foreign funds meant to buy drugs for HIV/AIDs victims.


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