What is levelling?

What is levelling?

In the context of surveying and construction, leveling refers to the process of determining the height or elevation of points on the Earth’s surface relative to a reference point or benchmark. It is a technique used to establish and measure height differences, slopes, and contours of the land.

The leveling process involves the use of a leveling instrument, typically a level or a theodolite, along with a leveling rod or staff. Here is a general overview of how leveling is performed:

  1. Setting up the Instrument: The leveling instrument is set up on a stable tripod at a known reference point or benchmark. This point has a known elevation, usually determined through previous surveying work or government-provided benchmarks.
  2. Establishing a Sightline: The leveling instrument is adjusted and leveled so that it is perfectly horizontal. A sightline is then established by aligning the crosshairs of the instrument with a specific point on the leveling rod held at the reference point.
  3. Moving to Target Points: The leveling rod is then moved to the desired points where the elevation needs to be determined. The person holding the rod ensures it is held vertically and the instrument is focused on the rod.
  4. Reading the Elevations: The instrument’s crosshairs are aligned with the point on the rod, and the instrument’s leveling staff or a digital readout displays the difference in height between the reference point and the target point. This difference is known as the vertical distance or the height of collimation.
  5. Recording the Data: The elevations or height differences are recorded in a field book or digitally for further analysis and documentation.

By repeating this process at various points across a survey area, leveling allows for the creation of accurate topographic maps, determination of slopes and grades, and establishment of reference points for construction projects. It is an essential technique in civil engineering, construction, and land surveying for ensuring precise and reliable measurements of elevation.


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