• Emphasis should be put on family planning by the parents to decide on the number of children whom they can manage. This will keep the parents more responsible.
  • The parents should avoid segregating children in the family because some street children run away from their parents due to this fact.

  • Prayers should be promoted in the family taken as a group of the father, mother and children.  This may bring to hem God’s blessings like getting school fees to cater for the children.
  • Guidance and counseling lessons need to be extended to parents who seem to have money but re reluctant to pay fees for their children to be at school.
  • The children also be taught their traditional values by the parents in order to avoid cases like incest which are common in families with irresponsible parents.
  • Christian values like love, honesty, kindness and respect to elders need to be extended in the family taught by the parents and any other elder.
  • The government should try to establish more job opportunities to cater for jobless parents. This will also help such parents to act as responsible people in their home.

  • Parents need to sit on a round table and discuss some of the problems with their children. This will show a sign o responsibility by the parent and even the children may not become violent in the home even if they are not studying.
  • Parents should avoid or reduce on the high rate of drunkardness and spare some money to cater for other family needs.
  • Parents are called upon to live an exemplary life style towards their children and the community at large.  This can help the man to get a job that can enable him sustain his home.
  • The government should help the poor families by offering them free services like medication, education and security.
  • The government should put u strict measures involving some punishments to parents who stubbornly refuse to take up their responsibilities at home like paying school fees of the children.

  • Women should avoid getting married to already mentally disturbed men who may not be in position to look after the family and the reverse is true.


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