Difference between a levee and an embankment

Difference between a levee and an embankment

Here’s a comparison between a levee and an embankment in tabular form:

PurposeBuilt to prevent or control flooding by confining water within river channelsConstructed to provide support, stability, or containment for various structures or infrastructure
LocationTypically constructed along riverbanks or coastlinesCan be found in various settings, such as roads, railways, canals, or water reservoirs
MaterialOften made of compacted soil, clay, sand, or a combination of materialsCan be made of various materials, including soil, concrete, stone, or other engineered materials
ShapeGenerally follows the natural course of the river or coastlineCan have various shapes and configurations depending on the purpose and requirements
FunctionPrevents river overflow during high water levels or stormsProvides structural support, prevents erosion, or contains materials or water within a designated area
HeightVaries in height depending on the expected water levels and flood control needsHeight can vary depending on the specific application and requirements
SlopeTypically has a gentle slope to prevent erosionSlope can vary depending on the purpose and stability requirements
MaintenanceRequires regular maintenance to ensure integrity and prevent erosionMaintenance may vary depending on the specific application, but stability and erosion control are key considerations
ExamplesMississippi River levee system, Netherlands’ Delta WorksRoad embankments, railway embankments, reservoir embankments

Please note that while levees and embankments share some similarities in terms of their structural purpose, they differ in their specific applications and locations. Levees are primarily built along riverbanks or coastlines to control or prevent flooding, while embankments serve a broader range of purposes such as providing support for transportation infrastructure or containing materials or water within a designated area.

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