Fornication is sex before marriage and this is a common practice today among the youth especially in secondary school and higher institution of learning like universities colleges. This practice is sometimes known as pre-marital sex and today boys and girls of 14 -18 are already fornicating and to them they think that it’s their right to do what they want.


  • Peer group influence. That is to say, boys and girls of the same age bracket encouraged each other to be sexually active before marriage. For example in secondary schools virgin girls are always despised by their fellow girls and boys influence their friends to fornicate by calling them cowards and impotent.
  • The false belief of ‘practice makes perfect’ has made many boys and girls fornicate.  Boys and girls decide to have sex before marriage so that they become experts after marriage.
  • Fornication is blamed on adequate sex education simply because most parents have enough time to stay with their children . For example in rural areas most parents are occupied with problems of routine work and fail to get time to teach their children of sex values.
  • Influence of mass media in form of radios, television programmes, news-papers which carry pictures of people making love hence making people sexually attracted and some FM radios play romantic music.

  • Modern leisure activities such as western music and dance have become a hazard and an accelerator of these evils and women who squeeze each other stomach and mouth to mouth.
  • The existence of contraceptives like condoms, pills, and injecta plans encourage many young people to fornicate since they are sure of protection from STDs and early pregnancy.
  • Most parents are not warned about the language they should use with their children therefore end up using horrible (obscene words) which change minds of children and attitude hence leading into pre-marital sex.
  • The fear to be rejected by their boy -friends.  This is especially true for girls hence ending up into fornication.
  • Permissiveness in the society is very high to extent that all forms of immorality are accepted today hence fornicating is seen to be a normal practice why society is not worried young people and as a result they end up fornicating.

  • Pornography. A lot of influence due to pornographic films like blue movies, pornographic literature has made many young people end up into fornication.
  • High sexual libidos in boys and girls to extent that they cannot control their sexual desires unless they involve in sex such of those girls have habits of screaming Unnecessary, sitting badly in seductive way and in Buganda such girls are believed to be suffering from ‘‘akasagazi’’.
  • Virginity has lost meaning unlike in part where girls were supposed to marry when they are virgins and rewards were given to their parents to thank them for up brining their children.
  • The boy-girl relationship has increased the rate of fornication in Uganda today. That is to say, some young people get friends with sexual motive and it becomes hard to abandon them especially boys.

  • During the adolescent stage, girls develop breasts, hips and their sexual organ becomes ready for sex and it is at this time that most girls do fornicate.
  • The desire for money especially among girls in urban areas has led to fornication. Many girls have been deceived by man to have sex in exchange of minor things like chips, chicken, chocolate, chapatti cake.


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