A Geography class has been divided into groups. Each group is to carry out a field study on the suitability of starting a business in the nearby town.Give two preparations they would make before carrying out the field study.

Before carrying out the field study on the suitability of starting a business in the nearby town, the groups can make the following preparations:

  1. Research and Planning:
    • Conduct background research on the town: The groups should gather information about the town’s demographics, economic activities, market potential, existing businesses, and any relevant trends or developments. This research will provide a foundation for understanding the business environment and identifying potential opportunities or challenges.
    • Define research objectives and questions: The groups should clearly define the objectives of their field study and develop specific research questions they aim to answer. This will help focus their investigation and ensure that the data collected aligns with their research goals.
    • Plan the study design: The groups should plan their study design, including the methods they will use to collect data. They should consider using a combination of surveys, interviews, observations, and document analysis to gather comprehensive information. Planning the study design will enable them to allocate resources, assign roles within the group, and determine the timeline for data collection.
  2. Ethical Considerations and Permissions:
    • Consider ethical guidelines: The groups should discuss and establish ethical guidelines for their research. This includes ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of participants, obtaining informed consent when interacting with individuals or businesses, and respecting local customs and norms during data collection.
    • Seek necessary permissions: Depending on the nature of their field study and data collection methods, the groups may need to seek permissions from relevant authorities or businesses. This can include obtaining consent from the town administration, local businesses, or property owners if access or data collection involves private property. Obtaining permissions ensures compliance with regulations and ethical standards and fosters positive relationships with the local community.

By making these preparations, the groups will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and guidelines to conduct their field study effectively. They will have a clear research direction, an understanding of the business environment, and the necessary permissions to proceed with their data collection. These preparations will contribute to a well-organized and ethical field study that generates valuable insights into the suitability of starting a business in the nearby town.


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