Monogamy may be a little frustrating considering that many men and women are extremely bogus in bed.  This can lead to sexual boredom. Girls from places like Buganda are expected to have visited the bush before marriage to create pleasure for the men but sometimes do not end up boring the men.

Monogamy makes women big headed that are unmanageable towards their husbands because they tend to think they are equal to their husbands for example Doctor Specioza Kazibwe former vice president of Uganda demanded divorce from her late husband Kazibwe because he slapped her three times.

In the event of barrenness of the woman, the man risks dying childless.  But this was not acceptable in African societies like among the Sotho of South Africa and so would advise the man to look for another woman.

There is a high chance of producing children of only one sex moreover only girls whereas an heir In African traditional society should be a man. For example professor Apollo Nsibambi has four children all of which are girls.

There are problems of raising adequate man power in this type of marriage basing on the smallness of the family size.  This may result into food shortages.  This is why the men of Asante in Ghana were encouraged to till the garden.

In the event of sickness of the woman, the man is forced to do all the house-hold cores including cooking and washing especially if they have not yet a child or is still very young.  This is why in Buganda boys were taught how to peel bananas.

In many societies women are married to create prestige for the man.  However with monogamy it becomes impossible.  This is why in Busoga the real man is he who has many wives.

Monogamy makes it impossible for many women to get a chance of marriage.  It is geographically known that the number of women is bigger than that one of men and the sex ratio of women to men is about 4:1 implying man should have more than one woman.

Monogamy is disliked by some people because it is considered un African. That is to say, brought by westerners who want to reduce our population.  So among the Acholi the ideal marriage from time immemorial is associated with polygamy not monogamy.

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