What is the annual range of temperature?

What is the annual range of temperature?

The annual range of temperature refers to the difference between the highest and lowest temperatures recorded over the course of a year in a particular location or region. It represents the extent of temperature variation experienced throughout the year and provides insights into the seasonal climate patterns.

To calculate the annual range of temperature, the highest recorded temperature (typically during the warmest month) is subtracted from the lowest recorded temperature (typically during the coldest month) over a 12-month period.

The annual range of temperature can vary significantly depending on factors such as geographical location, proximity to water bodies, altitude, and regional climate characteristics. Locations closer to the equator tend to have smaller annual temperature ranges, while regions farther from the equator or those with continental climates often experience larger temperature variations.

The annual temperature range is an important climatological parameter as it influences various aspects of ecosystems, agriculture, and human activities. Large temperature ranges can impact plant growth, animal behavior, and human comfort, while smaller ranges may provide more stable conditions for certain activities. Understanding the annual temperature range helps in characterizing and assessing the climate of a specific location or region.


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