The structure of Kenya’s court system

The structure of Kenya’s court system

The structure of the court system in Kenya is as follows, starting from the lowest to the highest level:

  • The District Magistrates Courts.
  • Kadhis‟ Courts, which are at the same level as the Resident Magistrates Courts, but they deal only with Islamic law.
  • The Resident Magistrates Court, which is the second lowest in the court system, but is the highest in the province.
  • The Senior Resident Magistrates Court.
  • The Principal Magistrates Court.
  • The Senior Principal Magistrates Court.
  • The Chief Magistrates Court. This is the highest Magistrates Court.
  • The High Court, to which all Magistrates and Kadhis‟ courts are subordinate. It is headed by the Chief Justice.
  • The Court of Appeal. This is the highest court in the Judicial structure. It is also headed by the Chief Justice.

  • Special Courts & Tribunals. These are established by Acts of Parliament. They handle special issues, such as industrial disputes, disputes within the armed forces and disputes over house and business rent.
  • Basically, Kenya’s Court-system comprises the Court of Appeal, the High Court, subordinate courts, and Kadhis courts


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