Factors that undermined the effectiveness of the League of Nations

Factors that undermined the effectiveness of the League of Nations

a)  Member countries were not willing to take disputes to the international court of

b)  German was still determined to increase its military strength and continue with its aggression policy.

c)  Individual nations were more pre-occupied with national interests and pride, at the expense of the organization’s interests.

d)  The Versailles peace settlement resolutions were too harsh to Germany thus leaving the Germans aggrieved and refuse to cooperate with the League of Nations.

e)  The League of Nations lacked the executive authority to implement its resolutions.

f)  USA congress refused to ratify the treaty of the League of Nations. This denied the
      organization diplomatic and economic strength.

g)  There was shortage of funds to implement the functions of the League of Nations.

h)  The Appeasement Policy of Britain and France forced them to stand aside and avoid taking a firm action against Japan when she invaded china, Germany when she invaded and occupied Rhineland, and Italy when she attacked Ethiopia.


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