• The relationship between two families is destroyed and enmity may occur.
  • There is psychological torture the divorced partner which may lead to frustration, madness.

  • Divorced people may lose interest in marriage and decides to be single for the rest of their life. Those which remain in their marriage hate their partners.
  • The children born in divorced family lack motherly love and care as well as guidance and most of the time they become victims of child abuse.
  • Divorced women loose market and find it hard to get another partner.
  • Divorced partners stand a risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases they are used to sex so they end up marrying who they may be sure of his HIV status.
  • Divorced people are denied choice of some sacraments and positions of leadership in church.
  • The divorced partner regret due to time wasted and money spent he or she becomes frustrated or many turn to prostitution.

  • A divorced person loses status and dignity among family members and society at large.ΓΌ  Divorce may lead revenge and therefore a divorced person may plan to finish all the family


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