The following are some of the negative impacts of irresponsible parenthood today;

  • Parents who have not been responsible to their children by paying schools fees for them have ended up increasing the number of school drop outs and school children.

  • Divorce or separation of the couples is so common today due to lack of faithfulness among partners and this is a in of irresponsible parents.
  • Drug abuse and alcoholism has made so rampant due to parents who fail to look after their children and spend much of the money in taking beers.
  • Sexual immoralities involving cases of incest and adultery are becoming common in our societies because some irresponsible parents have not spared some time to educate their children about the evils of sexual immorality like incest.
  • Early marriages and unwanted pregnancies which are cropping up in our society are partly caused by irresponsible parents who do not want to educate the girl child or who do not offer sex education to their children.
  • Irresponsible parenthood has made some parents to loose dignity and respect in society.  People do not respect such a parent who spends much of his time in drinking but forgetting to cater for home necessities like pay schools fees for the children.

  • Irresponsible parenthood has led to increased rebelliousness among children today.  Most of the children who are notorious in our societies like those who keep on fighting hear and there adopt such behaviours because parents did not discipline them at a tender age.
  • Economic hardships and poverty has affected so many families in Uganda today because the parents so many families in Uganda today because the parents are irresponsible. That is to say, they do not work hard to sustain their family well.
  • The increased number of high way robberies is a result of irresponsible parents.  Some of them if not their children involve in such evil acts chasing for food but through dubious means.

  • There are many youth who are imprisoned being caught in theft cases because their parents did not educate them or teach them how to earn a living by manual means.ü  Hatred and jealousness/ envy leading to Witchcraftism are sometimes practiced by the women towards their husbands whom they are becoming totally irresponsible.


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