Christianity may not put much emphasis on bride wealth but may support it in following views;

  • In the old testament, Abraham’s servant paid dowry to Rebecca’s parents on behalf of his master for him to get married to Isaac (Gen 24)
  • Jacob offered labour as dowry in order to marry Leah and later Rachael. He worked for 7 years to get Leah and 7 years for Rachael (Gen 29:16-30).
  • The mosaic law upholds dowry and a man ought to pay dowry for his wife (Deuteronomy 22)
  • King David paid dowry to king Saul in order to marry
  • Prophet Hosea paid dowry for his wife Gomer who turned out to be a prostitute later.
  • Dowry creates a sense of sharing material wealth. Christianity encourages sharing our belongings therefore dowry should be paid.
  • Dowry promotes love among families. This is a cardinal law in Christianity and therefore should be upheld.

  • Dowry seals marriage and makes it permanent marriage in Christianity is supposed to be permanent so anything that keeps it permanent should be encouraged.
  • Through the payment of bride wealth, relationships between the two families are promoted and strength bared in Christianity preaches harmonious living.ü  Christianity is against adultery since dowry can limit on this practice it should be encouraged.


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