The influence of drugs has made some men lose their senses.  The intoxic drugs they take like cocaine and heroin disorganize their thinking capacity and start looking at men as women to marry.

Alcoholism has also made many men unable to fulfill their sexual obligations towards their wives in marriage so they decide to engage in sexual relations with fellow men who may not give them high pressure for sexual satisfaction.

The influence of western culture has also led to increased gay marriages.  Men who embrace western culture looking at it as all being development have ended up adopting gay marriages thinking it is a sign of modernity.

The increased loss of moral values in the society.  Today many people (men) have lost respect to the religious values plus the African traditional values. Therefore they think it is okay to marry fellow men whoever wishes.

They are caused by the influence of peer group mates. Some youth have been inspired to adopt this kind of marriage because the friends they move out with are already involved in the act.

Sometimes people are forced into joining gay marriages because they are promised huge sums of money. This is common with school going youth who may need schools fees sponsorships from the whites.

One’s place of residence can easily cause him to join homosexuality (gay marriage).  One may like in slum areas where people think they are free for sexual pleasure. This means that even gay marriages can easily be practiced there.

Abnormal fears of the men towards the opposite sex also caused more cases of gay marriages.  Men who engage in this kind of marriage sometimes fear to talk to women on issues concerning sexual affairs but they find it easier to deal with fellow men.

The impact of permissiveness in the society has partly brought in the outbreak of more gay marriages.  At present our societies are so permissive in that they have freedom and higher chances of seeing and using condoms and other family planning methods.  This gives courage to some men to practice sex with fellow men.

Some men have decided to marry fellow men simply because they want to dodge their responsibility of producing children and looking after the family at large.

Some men practice gay marriages because of social alienation stress.  Some men are so fed up of women because in the first place they married women but experienced tough times with them. They therefore decide to live with fellow men as partners who might not be highly demanding.

Gay marriages are sometimes caused by addiction.  In many cases the youth who practice homosexuality in high school become addicted to it and end up in future marrying fellow men.


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