There is a lot of wasteful competition arising from the women’s desire to attract their husbands’ attention. That is to say, women decorate themselves in their faces, tattooing, piercing their noses, tongue to impress the man.

This type of marriage is very expensive given the fact that the economic standard of living today especially in town areas is too high.

Polygamous marriages create high sexual starvation on the side of the woman.  This may be caused by the longtime a man may take visiting other woman.

Many women who feel betrayed by this system of marriage may opt to use witchcraft in order to win the man’s side.

In this kind of marriage there are higher chances of contradicting sexually transmitted diseases. This can be mainly spread by the man who moves from one woman to another.

There are higher chances of children battering each other for succession of the father.  This is so because very few step mothers can groom up children from different mothers. This is why people like Enock Ssebanga and Nabukeera Aisha were mistreated by their step mothers.

Many Christians disapprove polygamy on the basis that it is unbiblical and God’s intention of marriage was one man one wife as noted in Genesis 2:28.

Polygamous marriages are disliked by some people because of the fact that they create a quarrelsome situation at home not only between the father and mother but also between co-wife verses existing wife and children from the different mothers.

In this type of marriage the women are considered to be sub-human and the man is at liberty of treating them the way he wants after all they are looked at as a sudden death.

In the event of a sudden death coupled with a man who might have been so poor but produced many children, the ratio of dependants will be so high leading to increased street children like those found in Kampala


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