What are the functions of marketing boards?

What are the functions of marketing boards?

  • They buy farmers produce at the best price possible through their buying channels and agents.
    • They collect the farmers produce right from the gardens which save them from the transportation costs.
    • They provide storage facilities to the farmers produce hence saving the farmers from possible losses.
    • They assist farmers in various ways for instance providing farm inputs like tools, fertilizers, bags e.t.c at subsidized prices.
    • They carry out research into better methods of production and pass on their research findings to the farmers.
    • They control the supply of agricultural output by fixing quotas to avoid over production.
    • They help in keeping the prices of farmers produce stable through the stabilization fund and buffer stocks.
    • They advance loans to the farmers which helps them to procure the required agricultural inputs.

They sell farmers produce to both local and foreign markets


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