The GEPIC structure for Advocacy 

The GEPIC structure for Advocacy

Advocacy is the verbal, written or symbolic action to promote a mission or a cause.

Social entrepreneurs are skilled advocates of their vision and social innovation. They aim to maximize the positive impact of their work.

Advocacy is about speaking and writing to others to spread ideas, innovative strategies and recruit support.

The GEPIC structure for Advocacy 

The Gepic structure for advocacy is a statement that involves a presentation of problem or solution in the most interesting way. It provides brief and inspiring facts to the public and audience. It is structured as follows:

G – Greeks

This includes recognizing the people present and self-introduction and greeting.

E – Engage

This is more concerned with drawing the attention of the audience using relevant story quotes or statistics or shocking facts to capture the attention of the audience and make the speech interesting.

P – Problem statement

This shows the magnitude of the problem and how it is affecting the community showing facts clearly without personal option e.g. disease outbreak such as cholera, global warming, soil degradation etc. 

I – Inform

This provides the explanation of the purpose of the project of innovation and what is being done or to be done to solve the problem.

C – Call for action Challenging the audience or community members to support the project, e.g. by using dustbins appropriately, collecting rubbish, attending sensitization workshops, sensitizing people at home or the community


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