The challenges facing the Kenya Police

The challenges facing the Kenya Police

  • Various factors undermine the work of the Police force in Kenya, such as:
  • Use of sophisticated equipment by criminals, which the police are unable to counter.

  • Poor and inadequate transport and communication facilities, causing delay in police response to emergencies.
  • Incompetence of some police officers due to recruitment and promotion of people with low academic qualifications as a result of nepotism and tribalism.
  • Poor remuneration as well as unfavourable working and living conditions.
  • Poor methods of investigation due to poor training and lack of forensic facilities, which have led to over-reliance on confessions, which are mostly obtained through trickery and torture.
  • Poor relationship between the police and the public, which denies the police the vital information they require.
  • Lack of transparency and accountability in the force, particularly when investigating crimes committed by fellow police officers apart from denying ordinary suspects a chance to defend themselves.

  • Lack of regular in-service training for the officers in lower cadres, which has frustrated their quest for promotion and lowered their performance in public relations and human rights.
  • Political interference, characterised by blind loyalty of some officers to powers outside the service and the fact that certain criminals are given immunity by powerful politicians.
  • Lack of an information technology, causing the police to rely on outdated methods of recordkeeping, which culminates in cases of lost files.
  • The rise of terrorist activities, characterised by use of crude and indiscriminate methods by terrorists e.g. suicide bombings, which have left police forces all over the world bewildered.
  • Corruption, whereby most police officers have been accused of taking bribes.

  • High population in some areas, such as slums in the urban centres, which make police operations difficult.
  • Frequent road accidents and congestion on roads, which add pressure to the work of the police.


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