Negotiating tactics with customers

Negotiating tactics with customers

Today entrepreneurs are faced with competition and therefore the need to create a good relationship with customers. This can be done through the following strategies or tactics:

  • Communicating frequently with customers, this is in relation to the company products, changes in the company activities etc.
  • Rewarding to loyal customers, this can be in form of reduced prices to the offer.
  • Holding special events, this includes making parties to customers so as to have free interaction with them.
  • Promoting a two way communication with customers, the helps the enterprise to retain its loyal customers and hence maintaining sales
  • Providing services that satisfy customers` needs, this makes the business to have room to negotiate with customers over the quality, quantity and price.

  • Launching multicultural programs, for example offering local language translators .this help to develop good relationship with minority groups.
  • Visiting customers, for businesses that deal in the provision of services and goods, it’s important to go beyond the standard sales calls and offer the shelf marketing tools to build relationships with top customers.
  • Provide a variety of goods and services; this reduces the possibility of customer disappointments.


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