Methods or Techniques for developing the creative ability among the employees

Methods or Techniques for developing creative ability among the employees

To be creative, an individual should;

  • Think beyond the invisible frame work, that surrounds problem or solution.
  • Recognizing assumptions when are being made and challenges them.
  • Spotting narrow minded thinkers and widening the fields of vision to draw on the experiences of other individuals.

  • Developing ideas from more than one source for a situation.
  • Practicing fortune i.e. finding valuable and agreeable things when not practically seeking for them.
  • Transfer knowledge from one field to another.
  • Be prepared to use unpredictable events to one`s advantage.
  • Explore thought processes and key element of the mind of work in analyzing and solving of a fact.
  • Noting down ideas that apparently drop into the mind so that they are not forgotten.
  • Use imaginative thinking to find solution in nature in other organization or services.
  • Trying something new which may be strong.

  • Making connection with points that are apparently relevant or not easily accessible.
  • Suspending judgment to encourage the creative process and avoiding primitive criticism.
  • Knowing when to leave the problem, I .e not until solution have been discovered


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