The state has a number of obligations to perform to ensure the well -being of the members of the family.  Such state obligations include;

  • The state has to respect the fundamental rights of the members of the family. For example in 2003 a number of Bakiga peasants camped at the parliament seeking the government to take action against the few rich landlords who had thrown them off their land.
  • The government has a duty to protect its people against all acts of theft and lawlessness. This could be done through providing reliable security like operation Wembule of colonel Kayanja was doing.
  • The state is obligated to promote family stability by punishing cruel and irresponsible violence partners as well as handling cases of domestic violence. For example, Atuhire was punished for mistreating the kid and also the step mother of Nabukeera Aisha was tried by the government for mistreating the kid.
  • The state is expected to refrain from compelling its citizens to undergo certain birth control measures.  For instance in china, the couple is expected to bear one child or else stiff monetary charges are imposed to the family.

  • The state is called upon to give consideration to special interest groups and minorities to ensure that they are fairly catered for. For instance in Uganda, the government decided to award 1.5 points to all female candidates at advanced level to boast their chances of higher education in tertiary level.
  • The government is called upon to be considerate and realistic while determining the taxes charged upon their family members so as not to totally affect their standards of living. For example the former president of United States George Bush one time promised that he was going to cut the tax burden towards his citizens to enable more Americans live better lives and they did so.
  • The state has a duty to pass legislation which are in line with people’s wishes in order to avoid collusions. For instance in Uganda recently the marriage bill brought in the parliament caused mixed feelings between Christians and Moslems.
  • It is the duty of the government to regulate and oversee the kind of education curriculum exposed to its citizens so as it benefits the children and the country at large.  This is why the ministry f education and sports usually publishes a yearly calendar to be followed b all the education institutions.

  • It’s the mandate of the state to cater for the general well being of all the citizens and ensuring that they are not lacking services like medical, improved transport and communication network and water supply.
  • In developed countries, the state ….it upon itself to provide enough employment opportunities to reasonable especially those who have gone a reasonable level of education like degree and Masters Degree.
  • The government has a duty to inform its citizens about the burning issues on the national and global level.  This is mainly in the areas of health care like outbreak of HIV/AIDS and Ebola or typhoid in Kampala.


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