There are a number of ways in which the community can be positively impacted. The following are the most common strategies for community development that are used by social entrepreneurs around the world.

  1. Increasing access to goods and services, these include food, health, housing, safety, waste management and education. This strategy of increasing goods and services involves allowing more people access to what is available to others.
  2. Increasing knowledge through education and awareness, knowledge is power. Without education and awareness, people are left behind, taken advantage of or ill prepared to live in and understand the dangers and opportunities of their environment.
  3. Increasing opportunities for the disadvantaged: As communities develop, more opportunities are created and if this opportunities are not available to certain groups, the results inequality, social tension and poverty.
  4. Increasing advocacy for the disadvantaged group: This involves the social entrepreneurs urging government to provide support in form of donations, grants such that services are extended to communities that are disadvantaged.

  1. Training community members to be part of a social enterprise, this is where community members are encouraged to make contributions as membership and at the same time purchase goods or services at relatively low costs as enterprise provide opportunities for markets for community products and services.


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