It is rare that change is totally accepted by everyone involved partly because of the following:

  • Change benefits some people while it hurts others. That is why people resist it especially when change is seen as damaging in some way.
  • Change sometimes is very expensive i.e. many changes require financial investment in the short run or it may be in the best interest of the few.
  • Some people resist change because they feel they are not capable of handling it, this may be the result of the general lack of self-confidence.
  • Some people resist change because they feel they are not secure, e.g. when a small business seems to be running smoothly, any change may represent a threat of insecurity.

  • Some people take pride of being stubborn and independent; hence they resist change no matter how convincing evidence is in favor of it.
  • Some individuals resist change because they were not consulted before; hence they look at it as being undermining their efforts.
  • It is because some people may lose their status in an organization, e.g. a change that involves merging department may be resisted because some people lose their status as being heads of departments.
  • Some people resist change because they fear taking on new responsibilities, therefore they resist it to satisfy their personal interest


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