What problems do marketing boards face in Uganda?

What problems do marketing boards face in Uganda?

  • Poor state of most roads makes transportation of the farmers produce to the marketing centers difficult.
  • Poor quality output due to lack of grading facilities results into losses to the board.

  • Over production especially where farmers produce in excess of the stipulated quota leads to price fluctuations.
  • It is difficult to fix prices of the produce due to changes in demand on the world market.
  • The supply of agricultural output is dictated by nature hence bad weather conditions may affect the operations of the marketing boards.
  • They lack enough funds to pay farmers and finance research hence affecting their operations.
  • They lack adequate storage facilities hence leading to wastages in times of over production.

  • The problem of corruption and embezzlement of funds by top officials affects the operation of the marketing boards.
  • Lack of qualified administrator¬ís leads to mismanagement of the organization¬ís funds.
  • Political intervention in terms of management affects their performance.
  • Conservativeness of some farmers makes attempts made by the board to advice them fruitless.
  • Political instabilities in some parts of the country affect the operation of marketing boards in such areas.


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