What is the role of the post office in Uganda?

What is the role of the post office in Uganda?

  • It receives and carries business letters, catalogues and other kinds of mail on behalf of their customers.
  • It provides recorded delivery services by providing a customer with a receipt which acts as a proof of delivery.

  • It provides post restante services to the travelers who wish to stay in certain areas temporarily and do not have post office boxes.
  • It acts as a bank to small scale savers by safe guarding money on their savings accounts.
  • It provides registered mail services by ensuring that mail is registered hence the post office undertakes to compensate the sender in case the letter is lost.
  • It provides expedited mail services (E.M.S) to their customers hence ensuring quick delivery of mail to the true owners.
  • It offers remittance services in form of postal orders, money orders e.t.c
  • It prints and distributes post office directory which gives telephone numbers and addresses of subscribers.

  • It provides transport services to the community through the post bus.
  • It provides telecommunication services e.g. radio calls, telephones, telegrams e.t.c
  • It provides private post boxes to the interested members of the public.


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