The services that a wholesaler renders to the retailers

The services that a wholesaler renders to the retailers

  • He breaks the bulky by selling goods to them in affordable quantities.
  • He finances the retailers by offering credit facilities to them.
  • He holds enough stock which enables the retailers to make orders at any time they feel like.

  • He sometimes offer transport to those retailers who buys from him in bulky hence saving them from such costs.
  • He sometimes advertises goods on behalf of retailers hence increasing the retailer¬ís turn over.
  • He offers advice to the retailers concerning the right choice of goods and on how to handle certain products.
  • He offers trade discounts to retailers who buy from him in bulky and cash discounts to those who settle their debts promptly.
  • He offers a variety of goods to the retailers which he buys from different producers.

  • He keeps retailers updated with information for instance information on latest fashions, price changes e.t.c.
  • He carries out packaging and branding of goods hence saving the retailers from such costs


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