The functions of Provincial administration in Kenya

The functions of Provincial administration in Kenya

  • Representing the President during national holidays.
  • Linking Central government and the people., thus transmitting information from the government to the people and vice versa.

  • Maintenance of law and order in the province.
  • Coordination of government departments to ensure efficiency in delivery of services within the province.
  • Coordination of provincial development activities to enhance nation building.
  • Implementation of government policies and programs.
  • Interpretation and explanation of government policies.
  • Transparent and accountable spending of public funds.
  • Ensuring fair play and justice outside the court of law.
  • What are the duties of the Provincial Commissioner?
  • Personal representation of the President.

  • Welcoming visitors to the province.
  • Coordinating important provincial development projects.
  • Ensuring that government policies are implemented.


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