The distinctive features of a constitution

The distinctive features of a constitution


A constitution provides the general principle of a state and carry on foundation and sets out general framework of the law and the government. Other laws provide the details of the subject for which they are created.


Unlike laws, constitution is made for undefined period of time. That means constitution serve for a long lap (round) of ages.

It is purposely made to be stable and permanent.  On the contrary, other laws are tentative, occasional/irregular and in the nature of temporary existence.


Constitution is the highest law of the country.

All laws they confirm to it.

 Codified (arranged) document:

It is an organized document.                                            

Constitutions are written down often in a single document that presents the constitution in a systematic manner.

 Allocation of powers:

It distributes powers and functions to government and

It specifies the rights and duties of governments and citizens who can do what, to whom, and under what circumstances (conditions).


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