The qualities of a good retailer

The 10 qualities of a good retailer

  • Good buyer; should buy goods which are demanded by the consumers.
  • Pleasantiness; should love his work and deal with his customers kindly.
  • Predict demand; should forecast consumers demand and stock goods accordingly considering their tastes and preferences.

  • Good administrator; should be able to monitor the movement of his stock and also supervise his staff to avoid theft and cases of misappropriation.
  • Relationship with suppliers; should maintain a good relationship with the suppliers by paying them promptly hence enabling him get discounts from them.
  • Honesty; should always tell his customers true information concerning the price, quality of the products e.t.c and should not un necessarily over charge the buyers to make abnormal profits.
  • Flexibility; should always adjust his business in line with the consumers tastes and preferences.
  • Availability; should always be available whenever customers need him/her and should be able to extend his/her working hours to attend to the customers at any time they want to buy.
  • Proper records; should have knowledge of book-keeping to enable him know whether the business is operating at a profit or at a loss.

  • Offering credit; should be in position to offer credit facilities to the trustworthy customers without any fear of bad debts.
  • Variety stocking; should be able to stock a wide range of products to meet the tastes of different customers.
  • Proximity with the buyers; should locate his/her business near the customers to enable him/her sell goods quickly to them and also save customers from incurring high transport costs.
  • Hygienic; should maintain a high degree of cleanliness to enable customers develop interest in his/her products


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