Creativity is the ability to bringing something new into existence like a new idea, new technique of production, new style to meet the identified need of a society .or

 Creativity is to the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It requires passion and commitment and to act out of creative abilities as expressed by somebody`s imagination. It involves developing innovative solutions of the needs or society and marketing them.


  • Creativity helps the entrepreneur to set a platform for competition. This improves the business performance in the market.
  • It helps one to perceive the world in the new order i.e. finding the hidden partners and making connections so as to generate fresh solutions and new products for change.
  • It helps the business to create new products brand. This increases the profitability of the business.

  • It helps managers to design policy that don’t hurt employees. This improves the relationship between the manager and the workers.
  • It increases awareness. This helps to open the entrepreneurs` mind to new thinking.
  • It helps the entrepreneur to solve problem e.g. how to promote products or services, how to make use of the available limited resource.
  • It helps the entrepreneur to sharpen the business ideas. This makes it more attractive and increased the possibilities of developing it into a business opportunity.


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