Importance of change

Importance of change

  • It helps the enterprise to adopt new technology; this increases the ability of the enterprise to increase productivity and growth.
  • It helps the organization to respond to customer’s needs, as satisfied customers are able to bring in more income and at the same time it contributes to the growth of an enterprise.

  • It helps employees to get new skills and knowledge i.e. for change to occur employees must adopt it by learning new skills and exploiting new opportunities to exercise creativity in the new way.
  • It determines the direction of the organization. That is to say with increasing demand for products and services; it mean that a company must consider expansion that might involve addition of new staff and new facilities.
  • It is used to change the status quo i.e. change is used to develop new ideas and innovations that directly impact and benefit the enterprise.
  • Change helps the organization to achieve production of new goods and services e.g. the transformational change which leads to complete dismantle of the old processes which are inefficient and replaced with efficient modern method of production.

  • Change is used as a tool to out compete other business e.g. change in the product line, change in the marketing strategies, change in customer care etc.


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