How to attend to the messages

How to attend to the messages

The following is involved when an individual attends to the message:

  • Making eye contact: Eye contact increases your chance of getting the message.
  • When on phone, try not to look at things that will distract you from listening to and attending to the speaker.

  • Your body posture, including slight leaning posture suggests that you are paying attention and helps you to stay tuned in.
  • When on phone, try to position yourself so that you are comfortable but not relaxed that you lose the ability to attract the callers. Use vocal attending behaviors’ “eh-huh”, mm-hmmm”
  • When interacting with the speaker in person face the speaker squarely and lean forward slightly towards the speaker to show that you are attentive.
  • Verbal or non-verbal acknowledgement of the speaker helps to involve you in the communication process and lets the speaker know you are paying attention.

  • When interacting with the speaker in person, use non verbal attending behavior such as nodding and facial expressions.
  • Clear your mind, on thoughts to avoid mentally wandering and other destructing behaviors.


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