In order for an entrepreneur to treat the employees in an ethical manner, the following should be highly observed

  • Through giving them a fair pay. Payment to employees should be fair i.e. in relation to his value in business and amount of work done. One should also consider the seniority. Experience, responsibility etc of the employee when determining the payment
  • Should provide clear and fair terms of employment e.g. employees should be given appointment letters stating whether they are employed on permanent, temporary or on a contract business. The salary or wage should be specified as well as duties and responsibilities
  • Ensuring job security of an employee. As it is the right of an employee to know the terms of employment, for instance, it can be on a permanent basis, temporary or contractual form of employment which helps on employee to plan accordingly e.g. if it is a contract based, one should prepare to look for another job when the term of contract is ending

  • Provision of good working conditions. Since employees spend most of their useful time at their work places, the work place should assure a healthy life during and after staying at the business, such conditions may include protective working clothes, helmets, gloves etc good transport, feeding, accommodation. Medical care and other allowances
  • There should be constant arrangement for proper training and education of workers, this will improve on their skills in operating their business activities which improve performance
  • Listening to employee’s personal problems and complaints, through this, an entrepreneur can help in solving or assisting them where necessary through giving them affordable and relevant support to them

  • Politeness i.e. workers should be treated in a polite way in all situations, this also involves those situations where employees go wrong, for instance let a single mistake made by an employee not make an entrepreneur forget the good things made / he has made
  • Creating a room for creativity. Employees should be treated as human beings who have the right to think and act i.e. they should be given a chance to exercise activities, this may lead to improved services and productivity to the business
  • Respect, the entrepreneur should respect the employees for the contribution they make to the business, for instance the entrepreneur should not publically abuse employees and the norms of the society of the area should be respected when handling employees

  •  proper recognition of hardworking employees, appreciation and encouragement of special skills to capabilities of workers, this increases their morale and devotions to their work in business


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