Guidelines on personal Branding

8 Guidelines on personal Branding

Big companies understand the importance of branding today. In the age of the individual you have to be your own brand regardless of the age, position or the business you happen to be hence the following help one to create an effective personal brand:

  • Specialization: A great personal brand must be precise, concentrated on single core strength or talents or achievements.
  • Leadership: Personal brand must take lead and credibility that other people see and also influence.
  • Personality: A great personal brand must be built on a foundation of the source`s of true personality and.
  • Distinctiveness: An effective personal brand needs to be expressed in a way that is different from others. I.e. competitors
  • Visibility: A personal brand must be seen over and over again until it imprints its self on the sub conscious mind. It must be seen by others in what one says, do and believe in

  • Unity: The private person behind a personal brand must adhere to the moral and behavioral code set down by that brand. I.e. the private conduct must mirror the public demand.
  • Persistence: developing a brand is not a one day issue. It takes time to grow and it is advertised through public relations.
  • Good will: A personal brand always produce better results and stay for long once the person behind is perceived in a positive way.


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