Factors which hinder entrepreneur motivation

8 Factors that hinder entrepreneur motivation

Entrepreneurial motivation can be developed and it can be blocked by certain social, political and economic cultural circumstances. Hence entrepreneur achievement can be hindered by the following factors:

  • The conservative nature of the society:The society which does not encourage entrepreneurial spirit and argue to excel among individuals hinders entrepreneur motivation.
  • Negative social cultural believes in the society: Some beliefs hinder entrepreneur motivation e.g. certain jobs can best be performed by female and others are fit for male, that making profit in Islam is bad.
  • Unfavorable political system: This discourages individual’s private ownership of property and this limits creativity of an individual hence entrepreneurial motivation is affected e.g. at times government policy discourages individual’s initiative.
  • Unfavorable economic environment: this is described in terms of policy, unregulated lending activities which may be rigid and hence discouraging entrepreneurial motivation.

  •  Psychological factors:Like orientation, insecurity etc. this limits entrepreneurial motivation.
  • Inadequate provision of physical infrastructure e.g. unreliable supply of power, poor state of infrastructures, inadequate water supply among others this limits entrepreneurial motivation
  • Poor educational orientation, limited entrepreneurial experience and market opportunities
  • Limited entrepreneurs.


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