Characteristics of Innovator

8 Characteristics of Innovator

  • An innovator has a compiling vision, he/she is able to forecast or see ahead to have changes that may occur or affect the business.
  • An innovator is opportunity oriented i.e. he/she believes that there can be a new way of solving any problem that might affect the business.
8 Characteristics of Innovator
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  • An innovator is self-disciplined he/she uses self-discipline to achieve results by putting priority of using time well.
  • An innovator is able to identify something new and relates its impact on the social environment.
  • He/ She is surrounded by positive thinkers i.e. people who have positive attitude towards creating something new.
  • An innovator is extra ordinarily persistent; he or she is able to keep going while fighting all obstacles on the way that may try to hinder him or her from creating something new as per the set goals.
  • An innovator is inner directed i.e. he/she has a vision to achieve which motivates him/her to do something it takes to reach the vision.

  • An innovator is a good learner i.e. he/she has the ability to learn faster and better concepts that helps him or her to create something new.


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